Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Arts & Cultural Education Talk Series #1 A Methodology of Engaging Young People in the Arts

A Methodology of 
Engaging Young People in the Arts

Date   :  8 September 2012 (Sat)
Time  :  2.30pm
Venue : 19, Cannon Street, George Town (ARTS-ED House)


Can these four areas be connected? The answer is YES

If you are interested in creative teaching and learning, 
don't missed this!

A show and tell of 'Arts-ED style' creative workshops by two of our committee members--Ho Sheau Fung and Kuah Li Feng. These workshops aim to help young people to map, document and interpret their local culture.
Join us for this session where the speakers will share their experiences of conducting creative arts workshops for young people and discuss some useful approaches and strategies employed to engage the young participants.
2 case studies will be shared:  “U Think U Can Masak?”  a traditional food cooking workshop and "Wayang Bayang-Bayang" oral history through shadow puppetry.

ADMISSION:  Free. All are welcomed
REGISTRATION:  Please pre-register with arts_ed_penang@yahoo.com or call 
ORGANISED BY:  ARTS-ED ( Community-based Arts & Culture Education Program)

Case Study 1: “U Think U Can Masak?”  A Traditional Food Cooking Workshop

This workshop promotes inter-generational culinary skill & knowledge transmission. The talk will bring you through the 4-month’s experience involving different stages and strategies employed to continuously engage the young participants.  The talk will also provide a review of this workshop and some suggestions for similar workshop in the future.

by Kuah Li Feng
A freelance graphic designer. She has worked with Arts-ED as visual program officer between 2008-2011. Her contributions are mainly in the area of research, referencing and visualizing data via the use of graphics. Her works in Arts-ED include development of visual materials for heritage education, as well as programing heritage-themed creative workshops for young people.

Case Study 2: "Wayang Bayang-Bayang" Oral History through Shadow Puppetry
A sharing of the journey of a group of young people working with artists from different disciplines to transform the story of a sea spirit that entered the body of a young boy who then began to create havoc at home... 

    by Ho Sheau Fung
Penang-based versatile actress, producer, programme director, drama director and videographer. Passionate in researching, documenting and promotion of cultural and traditional arts forms.  

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