Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Registration Form for Pre-register Workshop 活动报名表格

1. Click to the registration form above
2. Download it
3. Print and Fill it up, and fax to 2633471 or email to

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bangun: Penang Clan Jetties Arts Project

a multi-arts project consisting of workshops, exhibitions, performances and music

It’s sure to be interesting, thought-provoking, educational, and experiential and a lot of fun!

Venue: Chew Clan Jetty, Weld Quay Road, George Town

Date: August 22 – 30, 2009.

For more information: Yeoh +60196838397 or Dean +60142398926

Bangun is an ongoing series of contemporary site-specific art projects focusing on history, heritage, community and culture.

Artworks and performances will relate to the culture, history or future of the Clan Jetty communities.

Workshops in poetry, dance, Chinese Opera, installation art, mural painting and performance among others will be conducted during the week.

Workshops are free and open to people of all ages and will culminate in performances and presentations in a program to be run over the weekend (Friday August 28 – Sunday August 30).

Artists from Penang, KL and several international artists will facilitate the workshops and also present their artworks and performances in the weekend program of events.

Organizer: Lost Generation Space (KL)
Co-Organiser: Anak Anak Kota, ARTS-ED
Sponsored by: Ideal Property Intelligence Sdn. Bhd with support from the Penang State Government.

Detailed Program

28th August 2009 (Friday)

Art On Jetty
10am to 10pm
桥装置艺术展 Installation art exhibition

8:00pm to 10:00 pm
- 创意肢体舞动Jetty.Com Creations A Creative Movement Production - Elaine Pedley
- 落叶剧团Performance by Fallen Leaves
- 诗歌表演The Lost Poets performance
- 表演艺术Performance art - Aisyah Baharuddin

29th August 2009 (Saturday)

Art On Jetty
10am to 10pm
桥装置艺术展 Intallation art exhibition

2pm to 5pm

7:30 to 10:30
- 敲击乐创作坊Drumming Workshop with Paul Lau
- 表演艺术Disturbing Actions – Naima, George and Nurul
- 表演艺术Performance art - Rahmat Haron
- 诗歌表演The Lost Poets Performance
- 日本女高音独唱 Soprano Ranko Kurano (Japanese)

Art on Sea
地点 :福来海上鱼坊 (限定人数)

7:30pm to 9:30pm
- 戏曲化妆街头演出Chinese Opera performance by The Classic Accent Team
- 不插电音乐 Unplug music - Azren Azimuddin, Wolf & Abroco
- 电子迷幻音乐Electronica environmental music - Silent Keat
- 实验音乐Experimental Music-Rainf

30 August, 2009 (Sunday)

10am to 10pm
桥装置艺术展 Intallation art exhibition

2pm to 5pm
Clan Jetty Cultural Tour Guide

Art on Jetty
7:30 to 9:30
海上音樂艺术表演开幕 Opening Ceremony
- 创意肢体舞动Jetty.Com Creations A Creative Movement Production - Elaine Pedley
- 戏曲化妆街头演出Chinese Opera performance by The Classic Accent Team
- 敲击乐Drumming Workshop Performance with Paul Lau
- 日本女高音独唱Soprano Ranko Kurano (Japanese)

Art on Sea
地点 :福来海上鱼坊 (限定人数)

7:30 to 9:30
- 电子迷幻音Electronica environmental music - Silent Keat
- 不插电音乐Unplug-Wolf
- 实验音乐(来自姓氏桥声音)Experimental Music - Dinesh De Silva, Dean Linguey (Australia) and Rainf
- 表演艺术Performance art - Rahmat Haron
- 音乐表演Music Performance by Metahingar (Tengku Azhari tengku azizan &Syafiq Samad)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Show me how much you know about your George Town!

Dare you take this challenge?

In commeration of Celebration of the 1st anniversary of George Town as World Heritage Site

Organized by Anak Anak Kota, ARTS-ED

Co-organised by Pusat Perkhidmatan ADUN KOMTAR

Supported by George Town World Heritage Office

What ?

Easy 5 steps

  1. Attend a cultural heritage walk and a presentation “George Town as World Heritage Site”

  1. Preparation of 10 pages slideshow presentation which tell us “WHY GEORGE TOWN IS AWARDED THE WORLD HERITAGE STATUS?

  1. Submit your slideshow & Heboh your slideshow! Present to your school community (class, club, or the whole school

  1. 5 finalists will be chosen and publish in this web for public voting, yes, 100% decide by public!

  1. Results time!

Who can join ?

Open to all Penang’s Secondary School Students, 5 in a team

Maximum 2 teams per school

When ?



15-30 June


4 July

Briefing for participating groups

6-11 July

Cultural Heritage Walk

25 July, 5pm

Submission of Promotion Slideshow Presentation

- via email to and send a

CD copy to 19, Cannon Street 10200 George Town, Penang

31 July

Presentation of slideshow entry to school community .

Each participating team has to submit 2 photos and a 5- sentence report on how they share their slideshow to their school community.

This step is a MUST for every entry to qualify for judging

1-5 Aug

Judging and shortlist 5 entries

5-17 Aug

Publish the 5 shortlisted slideshow on website for

public online voting ( website address to be confirmed )

22 Aug 2009

Presentation of 5 shortlisted’ slideshow & Prize Giving Ceremony

Why ?

We want you! the young people to voice up your view on heritage

Ada apa ‘kangtou’ ?

Winners in each category will be published on the ARTS-ED website, and will be exhibited at a special heritage awareness exhibition.

Winner : RM 500 cash voucher of heritage items, merchandise and experience

1st Runner up : RM 300 cash voucher of heritage items, merchandise and experience

2nd Runner up : RM 200 cash voucher of heritage items, merchandise and experience

For details and inquiries and registration form please refer to:

Fidel Ho 012 - 4565867

or go to


Attn : Ms Chen/ Fidel Ho, Anak Anak Kota, ARTS-ED

TEL/FAX : 2633471

Email :

Please reply by 30 June 2009 via fax/email.

(Please add in another table should more than one team are participating)

Student Particulars


Name of Student

I/C No









School’s Details

Name of School

Name of Teacher- in-charge

Contact No (Office/HP)

Email Address

Date of Submission

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Cooking and PResentation Day

Which one to use?

cut cut cut, i must do it nicely, sure i'll get the 1st prize

aunty, how to add flavour to this dish?

The judges - Alvin, aunties, and janet

The journey of finding George Town's food secret recipe

interviewing the staff in spices shop at Little India

Food Tasting - Hainan Chicken Rice at Chulia St

Local expert - Chegu Mat explaining his food eating experiences in the old time

Nasi Kandar hawker tells what his secret recipe

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Masak-Nasi Ulam

This weak special ! NASI ULAM !!

Lesung dan udang kering/ 'he bi' / dry prawn

1, 2, 3.... perlahan-lahan, sur i can 100%

Macam ni macam tu.... understand...

Wow, sifu Kamariah, your cutting skills is so neat and nice!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


You are mine! i captured the leader!!!

haha... i caught you!

Red Phoenix members are in trouble?

hehehe... here the clues to find our assets... no violence ....

Strategy! Strategy!

Putting up the asset flag

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The Battle Begins....

Signature Competition Last weekends, 2 groups were out to gain as many signature as possible from the community to support them the important assets in their territory ( Acheh St OR Armenian St)

RED team gained 48 marks

WHITE team gained 67 marks

Support our assets lar... there are very important!

Thank you aunty! Yes! I got my first signature!

Which assets that you think is important to save here??

next week...
is the real battle on the street!

Their are going to capture the assets flags in real site!

See below the points collected so far



Friday, April 3, 2009

You Think You can MASAK?

Penang Rojak Sandwiches?

I won't leave my eggs, i'll protect them, go away, go away!

Protecting the eggs in many ways

The Masak team proved to us that they actually can...... MASAK lar...
See their 'master pieces' !!!

The 1st cooking session was on EGG! yes, 玩蛋!Playing with eggs