Tuesday, January 20, 2009



HERITAGE HEBOH is back with a BANG!!!

ATTENTION : All you dudes and gals out there. Yeah you! We are calling out to you hyperactive, kepoh, cannot sit still, fun, outgoing, humans-loving kids ........simply everyone whos interested lah! Yes YOU! You there! You're the one! So all you guys and gals out there who's up to the challenge, who can withstand the heat of Gerogetown! Aha! ( You say u can, but can you? ............... really? )

However before I move on with more crap, let's fully understand what this year's program is going to be all about. Heritage heboh 2009 is divided into 4 workshops namely :

1. Korek The Khoo Clan Story

( kalau suka korek korek sana korek korek sini.....hey! for stories only ah)
- artists who can really draw (take notice, only if ur drawings are better than Rembrandts or Van Goghs)
- talkative, talk so much until you'll make Anwar look like a quiet schoolboy

- simply anyonelah whos interested and suka kepoh-kepoh (busybodies, gossip kings and queens and prince...)

- age limit : 13 - 16

2. U think U can masak?
( certainly not another of Chef Wan TV shows and No DEFNITELY NOT THE IRON CHEF)
- crazy about and loves cooking
- talkative, cakap banyak-banyak
- banyak banyak kepoh dan tebal muka.
- age limit: 14 to 16

3. Kongsi Gelap Battlefield Game
(woh woh woh,they think they're Sega or Electronic Arts kah)
- brave, daring, willing to take up challenges and life threatening situations better than Rambo
- a "durable" person or tahan lasak, the adventurous type who will not faint under the sun or at the sight of blood
- creative and innovative
-age limit : 11 to 16

p/s : to all girls, donot worry, it wont be an all boys thing, infact you guys may even make it out better than some of the boys.

4. Bikin Puppet Raksasa

( Giant Puppets anyone? )
- an artist who can, and likes to draw ( as mentioned before BETTER than VAN GOGH)
- a crafty person/ seorang yang so-called bertangan-kraf, a handiwork kinda person
- sharp hawk-like eyes, observant
- age limit : 13 to 18


With that, all that needs to be said has been said. You've heard what you needed to hear. So, it's all up to you now. Your destiny lies with you now.

The time has come my fellow friends. It is time for us to rise, my fellow friends, rise and be heard !!! Rise from the pile of textbooks ur buried in. RISE!!! I command you.Join us in our holy cause. So, hop on the bandwagon!!!! Be quick my fellow comrades, places are limited and you are now racing against time itself. (no, you're not Hiro Nakamura).

For more info, KINDLY contact Fidel Ho at 012-4565867

With so much love,

Anak-anak Kota

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